We are excited to resume in-person ministry to the preschool-age children on Sundays.  Our ministry team is ready to greet and teach your children. We wanted to share with you the measures that we have taken to ensure your child’s safety each morning both with COVID and overall measures.

All volunteers will be wearing masks or shields, masks for children are highly recommended, however, they are not required.  Volunteers and children are voluntarily having their temperature taken at the door to screen.  Hand Sanitizing stations are in place in each room and at the entrance and exit of each ministry area.  Ministry areas are sanitized after each use.  Furniture has been minimized; only larger children’s classrooms are being used to allow social distancing. Hula hoops are used to create a warm welcoming environment and to aid children in staying within safe spaces.  Two age groups (only) meet each week at 9:00. Sign-ups are required and a limited number of children in each age group can attend currently (i.e. 2-3’s = 5 and 4-5’s =10).

Dedicated supply boxes have been prepared.  Your child will have their own supply box each week.  These supply boxes will not be shared within the preschool group.  Even the children’s snack is included in this supply box.

Signage is in place for handwashing, face masks, and a reminder to all that if a child is not feeling well on a Sunday morning to not bring them into the ministry areas to protect and love our neighbors.


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